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Anal Plug

Realistic Adjustable Anal plug

Rs.3,500 Rs.3,300

Product description and feature:

  1. Made up of A graded silicone

  2. Consists of natural rubber to give it a very natural feeling while penetrating

  3. Comes with no warranted medical claims

  4. Easily washable

  5. No hygiene issues are concerned with it

  6. Causes no harm.

  7. The best option for people looking for edgy anal plugs

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Product Description

Sex toys are among the not-so-famous products in India that are recently gaining a lot of profit in the market; companies selling them are earning huge profits. People mostly prefer to buy sex toys online since they are not comfortable buying them from stores in person. This has become the reason for the emergence of several online sex toy stores in our country as well.

HOT SEX TOY INDIA is one such store that sells all sorts of quirky and edgy sex toys and breast enlarger to people in need. They also make sure to keep all personal information of their customers safe. Their list of sex toys is quite long, and thus, offering their clients a good number of options to choose from. Among their best selling items, are their anal plugs.

The anal plug is meant for having anal sex and is made up of good quality rubber giving the user a very natural feel. This anal plug comes with no warranted medical claims and is made up of easily washable silicone.

For the easy application, this is made of soft material and consists of an annular ring form of arrangement on the body to get the most amount of pleasure while penetrating

Why choose us?

HOT SEX TOY INDIA is one such company in India where all sorts of sex toys are available at the most reasonable prices, which is a rare thing to get while purchasing sex toys online. Keeping in mind the client’s necessities, they have a huge range of good quality toys available. Customers can also find a breast enlarger in the store along with many other useful toys.


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