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7 Shameless Important Tips for Buying Your First Sex Toy


You don’t have to feel embarrassed while searching for your perfect adult toys online. It’s no longer a hush-hush topic. Rather, such an act calls for self-appreciation as you have the guts to purchase what you’ve craved for. Be cautious, if you’re a first-time buyer. For your ease, we have shared 7 tips to help you in the process. Are you ready to read?


  1. Know Your Desires: While searching for artificial sex toys in Jaipur, you will come across various kinds of dildos, vibrators, and what not. Ask yourself-what kind of sensation you would like to get? Do you love intense sensations? Does self-pleasure make you go crazy? If you fail to choose between internal or external pleasures, it’s wise to go with the products giving internal pleasure. You can opt for dual-action vibes to get both the pleasures.
  2. Check the Strength: All adult products don’t have equal strength. From soft to intense pulsations, the strength of the adult toys varies. Moreover, their rumbles are powerful. Determine your sensitivity level to buy the right vibe.
  3. Carefully Watch the Videos: A lot of videos are uploaded on YouTube demonstrating how these toys work actually. By watching these videos, you’ll come to know how these toys can arouse your passions and satisfy your cravings. These videos are helpful as it tells you how aggressively your selected toy can perform.
  4. Go Through the Reviews: Many online adult toys have negative reviews. Try to buy the one having maximum number of positive reviews to have a safe buy. Look at the star rating to know whether the product worth purchasing. The more the stars it contains, the higher its quality will be.
  5. Product Description Matters: Just by looking at the images of cheapest sex toys in Jaipur, you may not get an idea about its flexibility. Find out its circumference, rigidity, length, diameter, and so on. Go for an insertable length that makes you feel comfortable while doing musterbation. It’s better to invest in submersible adult products as they don’t require much maintenance. Make sure your ordered product consists of long-lasting batteries.
  6. Select the Right Material: Your sex toy can be of plastic, silicone, or even glass. If you’re a first-time user, avoid glass toys as it may be hazardous for health. Opt for medically-approved non porous silicone products generating satisfying vibrations. Keep it in mind, your product should be free from phthalates. It is only then the toy will be considered safe for use.
  7. Compare the Prices: Before buying any adult toy always analogize the price on various websites. This search may help you in getting a discount. But, at the same time, don’t let your budget restrict your options. Mostly, the low quality toys are inexpensive.

Consider the above-mentioned points while buying. Whereas buying the right product enhances the romance in your conjugal life, a wrong choice can bring in serious health issues. So, take enough time to do the research properly. Now you can buy dildo vibrator, pussy pump, cock ring, silicon pussy and ass, vibrating big artificial vagina, strap on with adjustable belt, anal dildo, BDSM product, penis sleeve sex doll through cash on delivery in Jaipur.